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Intellectual Property Seminar for Head of DepartmentsIntellectual Property Seminar for Head of Departments

TARIKH : 28 OGOS 2014 (Rabu)





Date: 27 August, 2014

Venue: Pullman Hotel

Organized By: ICT Unit, Chief Minister’s Department



Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,


A very good morning and Salam 1Malaysia to all of you.


In this modern era of the knowledge based society and economy, intellectual property has acquired enormous importance. Now, the progress of a nation also depends heavily on its ability to convert knowledge into wealth through invention. We too, have to be aware and to play the same game. That is why we are having this seminar today. The objective of this seminar is to promote and instil (IP) knowledge and culture within the Sarawak Civil Service particularly among the Head of Department.


Statistics provided by the Asean Intellectual Property Office reveals that Singapore has 60,936 registered intellectual properties while Malaysia has 88,357 intellectual properties as at June, 2014. However, in the case of patents, Singapore has 4,875 registered patents whereas Malaysia has 2,882. This clearly shows that our country is quite far behind Singapore in terms of significant intellectual properties. 


As for Sarawak, we contribute 166 to the nation, which is equivalent to 0.2% of the total IPs in Malaysia. While Sarawak registers very few intellectual properties, the irrefutable fact is that our State, with our vast natural resources and wide bio and cultural diversity, has great untapped potentials in the different areas of intellectual properties. But we have a long way to go.   


The State Civil Service is taking proactive steps to promote and protect intellectual property rights within the Sarawak Civil Service. Many initiatives to inculcate the culture of the creativity and innovation among the Sarawak Civil Service, such as the High Performance Team Solutions (HPT), Balanced Scorecard System, Quality Control Circle (KIK) and Key Focus Activities (KFA) have created new ideas and innovations that warrant protection.


There is no reason for any shortage of intellectual property creation in the Sarawak Civil Service. For instance, the Land and Survey Department created a device for marking boundary known as “SaraPeg”. This peg is made out of an environment-friendly thermo plastic which is low-cost, light and flexible compared to the normal peg made from the “belian” wood peg commonly used by the department in those days.


Another instance is the Multichannel Cleansing Device (MCC) invented by the Miri City Council. This is a food trap device that could be used by food outlets to collect food waste, and separate the oil and sludge before releasing waste water into the public drainage system when attached to the kitchen sink. The user-friendly device has many advantages as it is economical, easy to assemble from readily available materials, robust, efficient in collecting waste and require minimal intervention to maintain. The cost to produce such device is only RM60 compared to the conventional trap in the market commonly used by the traders that cost them around RM1,650 per unit. These are just some example of intellectual property assets created by the Sarawak Civil Service as a result of the (KIK) convention that would benefit the “rakyat”.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


During the race to space in the 60’s between the Americans and the Russians, both the astronauts from America and the Cosmonauts from Russia faced a problem. The normal ballpoint pens could not be used in space because of the lack of gravitational force and low pressure to push the ink to the nib.


The Americans formed a team of scientists to work on the problem. After 1 year and spending billions dollars, they developed a unique pen that worked at zero gravity and in low pressure conditions. The Russians also found a solution to this problem. They used pencils! Most of the time complicated problems have very simple solutions; it just requires us to think differently.


Let me conclude my speech by reminding all of you that:-


§  All the Head of Department shall be responsible to manage intellectual properties, and to encourage innovation and creativity within their respective organisation;


§  All Head of Department shall be responsible for the registration of their intellectual properties with the ICT Unit;


§  All agencies within the Sarawak Civil Service shall work hand in hand with the ICT Unit to promote knowledge and information about intellectual property within their respective organization; and


§  All agencies shall recognize and reward innovation and creativity in their respective organisation.


It is my honour to declare this “Intellectual Property Seminar for Head of Department” officially opened.