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Hari Bersama YB Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pada 12 Ogos 2015Hari Bersama YB Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pada 12 Ogos 2015






 12 OGOS 2015 (RABU), 10.00 PAGI


Yang dihormati saudara dan saudari Pengacara Majlis


Yang Arif Datu Haji Abdul Razak bin Mohd Tready

Peguam Besar Negeri 

Yang Berbahagia Dato Sri Ahmad Tarmizi bin Haji Sulaiman

Setiausaha Kewangan Negeri 

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Haji Md Yahya bin Haji Basimin

Setiausaha Persekutuan Sarawak 

Yang Bhg Datu Misnu Taha,

Timbalan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri

(Bahagian Pentadbiran, Hal Ehwal Korporat dan Keselamatan ) 

Yang Berusaha Dr Sabariah Putit

Pengarah Unit Sumber Manusia Negeri, Jabatan Ketua Menteri


Datu Datu, Semua Setiausaha Tetap Kementerian, 

Ketua Ketua Jabatan, Ketua Ketua Unit, 

Tetamu – Tetamu Kehormat 

Tuan Tuan, Puan Puan, para hadirin  yang saya hormati sekalian


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Salam sejahtera, Salam Perpaduan, Salam Satu JKM 

1. Alhamdullilah, marilah kita bersama sama merafakkan setinggi- tinggi kesyukuran ke hadrat Allah SWT kerana dengan limpah izin dan kurnia-Nya jua kita dapat bersemuka  sekali lagi dalam Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama saya pada pagi yang indah ini. 

Bagi saya, majlis perjumpaan kita pada pagi ini sangat penting dan amat bermakna kerana melalui titian mesrahubungan ini kita boleh berinteraksi dan pada masa yang sama saya dapat menerangkan harapan dan jangkan saya ke atas semua warga Jabatan Ketua Menteri dan seterusnya mengingati tuan puan tentang peranan dan tangungjawab kita semua sebagai penjawat awam. 

Saya juga ingin menggunakan peluang ini untuk melapor kepada tuan puan dan saudara saudari tentang kemajuan agenda  transformasi SCS 10-20. Semoga perhimpunan kita pada pagi ini juga akan mengeratkan semangat sepasukan kita dan akan  menguatkan lagi keazaman kita untuk mempertingkatkan mutu penyampaian perkhidmatan kepada rakyat. 

Hadirin yang dihormati sekalian sekalian

2. We are all civil servants and as civil servants we serve the rakyat. As I have mentioned on many occasions before, what we do is a very noble and selfless undertakingas the ultimate objective of everything that we do is to make the lives of our people better. This is aptly reflected in the statement by Jack Lew, the current Secretary of Treasury of USA. He said: 

I think there's no higher calling in terms of a career  than public service, which is a chance to make a difference in people's lives and improve the world”. 

As civil servants, we play a crucial role in building and maintaining a resilient and competitiveeconomy, in enhancing social harmony amongst our people and in empowering the rakyat to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.All our policies, projects, and programs are designed to ultimately createthe right environment for our people to earn a good living, raise a family and lead a fulfilling life. 

Our State’s Credo “An Honour to Serve”  is a clarion call to do our job with passion, dedication and full commitment.We cannot afford to fail as it will mean that we have failed in our sacred duty and obligation to the rakyat. If we truly understand and appreciate our job, then we will find it immensely enriching, meaningful and satisfying. 

3. We live in an increasingly globalised and competitive environment. New and complex global challenges, rapid changes in technology, the rising expectations of the rakyat, increasing resource constraints are only some of the forces that  demand a different approach in the way we work. Our capacity to respond and adapt to these unavoidable forcesis essential if we want to Sarawak to progress. Now more than ever, the Sarawak Civil Service must have the courage and the wisdom to undertake necessary changes to ensure that we  remain relevant and responsive in our service to the people and the State. We cannot build the Sarawak of tomorrow with the Civil Service of yesterday. Hence our need for the transformation of SCS. 

4. Our transformation agenda is not driven by any desire to leave a personal legacyor because it is the current fad. It is driven by our conscious  awareness that the future well-being and achievement of our rakyat depended on how we responded to the forces that I have mentioned earlier. It is driven by our realization that unless we transform, we would not be able to bring any significant difference to the lives of our people and that we would fail in our collective desire to make Sarawak the most developed and most prosperous state in the nation. 

The three objectives of our transformation are: 

  1. To be more effective and efficient in our Service delivery.
  2. To be a high Income state and advanced economy.
  3. To enhance the quality of life of our rakyat through deliberate programs and engagements. 

To accelerate our transformation journey we need  everyone internalise, subscribe and be committed to our vision and mission.This task of transforming our Civil Service is neither yours nor mine alone. It is our shared responsibility. We require the cooperation, collaboration, ideas,  efforts and energy of all of us in this tremendous task that we have set to ourselves. 

5. The goal of our transformation is to achieve our vision of a WORLD CLASS CIVIL SERVICE. But this only a means to an end. The  eventual goal is to inspire and empower our people to shape their own future through our world class service delivery. All that we do will be in vain if the rakyat do not feel or make a  difference in their everyday life. If you do your job well, if we all do our job well, we will make Sarawak a truly special place to live, work and do business, a place that we all can be proud of.

6. We need to have a Smarter Civil Service that knows how people live, what they think, what they want, and which acts fast on the issues and the problems that they raise.In this respect, it is important that we all practice MBWA or Management By Working About.  We need to go down to the field and keep in touch with the rakyat. I myself have started these by visiting at least one place a month to find out the problems and needs on the ground and help find speedy solutions. 

I want all officers to also make it a point to “turun padang” at least once a month andengage with their front line staff and the people that they serve. If we make ourselves invisible and unavailable to our customers, there is no way that we can truly  understand their needs and problems. Our ability to empathise with our customers will depend very much on how often and how closely we engage with our customers. 

We need to visit their farms, their factories, their businesses, their kampungs and longhouses or their projects to better understand the context of their problem.During these visits, it is important that we listen and observe rather than go and tell them what we think is the problem and how to solve them. We must discard the benevolent attitude of “I know best” and be willing to be sensitive and responsive to our customer’s complaints and criticisms. 

We have to regard their feedback, even if it is negative, not as problems but more as opportunities to learn and improve. God gave us two ears, two eyes and only one mouth. Perhaps this is a sign that he wants us to listen more, see more and talk less. 

7. We need to be reflective officers and cultivate the habit of asking questions. We cannot operate like mechanical robots without understanding what is it that we do and why we are doing it. We need to ask questions such as “ why am I doing this?”, “what will happen if I don’t do this?” “ what will be the consequence of my actions?” “Is there something that my customer need that I am not providing?” “How can I serve my customer better?” 

8. To enable us to take a strategic view of all our activities and ensure that they all integrate and  link to our common vision and mission, we have implemented our own version of Balance Score Card:- the SCS Scorecard. As a performance management tool,  it will allow our organisations to translate their vision, strategies and goals into measurable performance indicators. The implementation of SCS Scorecard throughout the state civil service will help to instil focus and accountability as every action of an agency’s member  will be linked to specific strategic goals and will be measured systematically. 

All the ministries have presented their scorecard to their ministers and I am happy to note that all the ministers have recognized the value of implementing SCS Scorecard and have given their full support. 

This year we have started to develop our State’s Scorecard which will comprise key input from all the agencies so that we can  more objectively assess how SCS is contributing to the overall development of the state and its economy. 

9. Many of our officers, from the lowest to the highest rungs of the ladder, work from behind the curtain quietly, diligently and unnoticed. Many are extremely talented and fully committed to their work. They  are our silent heroes. Some of them  will be recognised this morning through our APC  and Pegawai contoh   awards. I congratulate those of you receiving awards today and thank you sincerely. I know that there are many more that are not in today’s list. I extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you all and request that you continue to provide excellent service. 

As General Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander in Chief of United States Central Command declared: 

“When placed in command, take charge!” 

This requires that all HODs must take  personal accountability and be personally committed to resolve issues that affect their agencies. Officers who take charge invest time and effort to know their job, their organisation, their customers and the context in which they operate.  They have to be sensitive to what is happening in their environment and take proactive measures to  mitigate potential problems.I cannot accept inaction and I cannot defend officers who allow problems on the ground to blow up because of their apathetic and indifferent attitude.Taking charge means that we must take timely actions to nip a potential problems in the bud. If the problem cannot be resolved at their level they must then  escalate it to the next higher level. 

10. Lastly, as today, the 27th Day of Syawal, I wish all the muslim staffs Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir, Batin. 

I wish you all the best in your quest for excellence. I am sure that with the dedication and commitment shown by each and every one of you, we will move confidently onto the path of excellence. 

I thank you for your attention. 

Sekian, Wabilllahi Taufik Walhidayah, Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Dan Selamat Sejahtera.