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Shell Educational Excellence Awards on 12 August 2015Shell Educational Excellence Awards on 12 August 2015

Talking points

Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi bin Abdul Ghani

Sarawak State Secretary

Shell Educational Excellence Awards

12 August 2015, Hilton Kuching 

Target audience:

Students, scholars, academicians, parents, government, media

Event Objective:

Presentation of scholarshipsto Sarawakian students by Shell Malaysia

Key messages:

  • Malaysia’s aspiration as a developed nation.
  • Building skilled workforce.
  • Shell’s exemplary effort in assisting the government in building local talent growth.



  • Thank you for inviting me to this event.
  • I am delighted to be here today, to be among the best and brightest of Sarawak – who I hope will become our future leaders with the help of Shell, of course! 

Malaysia’s aspiration as a developed nation

  • Malaysia has aspirations to achieve developed nation status by the year 2020, which will be in the next five years.
  • We have laid out a clear path on how we are going to attain this status. 
  • The oil and gas sector, and how it develops its human resources are a key component.
  • Oil, gas and energy (OGE) are closely linked to the broad economy and therefore have a systemic effect on countries. This is particularly true for net energy producers such as Malaysia.
  • As a result, the Government has embarked on initiatives outlined under this NKEA to ensure energy supply security. Incentives have also been aimed at diversifying the country’s portfolio of energy sources and promoting energy efficiency.
  • Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), we have identified the Oil, Gas and Energy industry as one of the 12 National Key Economics Areas (NKEAs).
  • These 12 NKEAs represent our efforts to focus economic growth on industries in which our capabilities, expertise and specialisation can be enhanced in line with those of a high-income economy.
  • Between 2010 and 2020, OGE NKEA targets to achieve an annual growth of 5%. In doing so, the NKEA is expected to deliver RM131.4 billion GNI impact and consequently, create an additional 52,300 jobs within the sector.
  • Under the ETP, the Government aspires to develop Malaysia into a leading oil and gas services hub in Asia, grow Malaysia’s role in oil storage, logistics and trading and import LNG to serve latent gas demand and attract new-gas based industries.
  • All of this needs to be powered by human capital. 

Skilled Workforce – A National Requirement

  • The government is focused in its vision to achieve the status of a developed nation with high income economics.  The positive economic growth will increase the demand for a highly skilled workforce, equipped with current technological expertise.
  • One of the main components in the 10th Malaysia Plan emphasises human resource development through skill trainings to enable the country to produce quality, highly skilled, knowledgeable and innovative human capital. 
  • This will prepare us to face global challenges and competition.
  • A strong Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) workforce with high-value and specialised skills will improve innovation and productivity of industries which will be integral to Malaysia’s transformation into a high incomenation by 2020.
  • TVET provides a valuable means for upskilling our students who are less inclined towards traditional education options.
  • To this end, we have placed much emphasis on supporting the growth of TVET institutions and streamlining the sector to achieve focused growth.
  • This is especially important as organisations have demonstrated strong interest in hiring workers adequately equipped with professional skills.
  • I commend the initiatives that Shell has been doing in assisting the local vocational colleges through its welders training programme.
  • You have also made us Sarawakian proud to have an Asia Pacific training centre for drillers in Miri, which I understand, is one of only four of such innovative centres in the world.
  • The government has almost achieved its 10th Malaysia Plan’s target to produce 33% skilled workforce by this year, and to gradually increase it to 50% by 2020. 
  • Closer to home, Sarawak is short of the skilled workforce needed for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) under the ETP.
  • The government will continue its efforts to enhance the training quality in order to develop a highly skilled workforce and meet the overall shortfall.
  • The Economic Transformation Programme requires skilled talent to fill the 3.3 million positions created by the various National Key Economic Areas.
  • Malaysia must look at all sources of talent, including Malaysians, our Malaysian Diaspora and foreigners both in Malaysia and abroad. I must thank Shell for their effort in collaborating with Talent Corporation in rejuvenating the pool of Malaysian experts back to the country.
  • We particularly want to nurture our youth who will be our future leaders.
  • Going forward, we see greater private sector participation in the Education NKEA, not just in providing education offerings, but also in partnering with educational institutions to help develop students with the right skills base to encourage graduateemployability.
  • The private sector will also play an important role in promoting collaborative research initiatives with educational institutions as well as enhancingthe relevancy of TVETprogrammes. 

Closing: Shell’s exemplary effort in building local talent growth

  • I commend Shell for its contribution in helping the government to build the local talent.
  • We are happy that Shell Malaysia is helping nurture our youths through the provisions of scholarships awards.
  • This also builds on what you have been doing since 1910, developing local capabilities, particularly in Sarawak where Shell first began operating in the upstream sector.
  • It complements the government’s economic transformation agenda.
  • Public-private partnerships are vital to the success of the NKEA, as indicated by measures announced under Budget 2015 to encourage the development of smart partnerships.
  • However, these partnerships must be strengthened by increasing the engagement between the Ministry of Education and private sector, particularly in areas of policy development and industry collaborations.
  • I am particularly happy for the collaboration between Shell and Yayasan Sarawak, which will definitely benefit the local scholars.
  • I urge other corporations and the private sector to invest in talent building, in response to the country’s ever-changing manpower requirements, and to complement national efforts.
  • Congratulations in your ongoing efforts to be a responsible operator and a responsible corporate citizen
  • We have heard earlier from Shell on the company’s contribution towards the development of human capital in the country.
  • We also heard that Shell scholarship recipients are not bonded on completion of their studies. This shows the company’s earnestness in helping us nurture our youth, where scholars are free to serve either the public or private sectors upon graduation.
  • Shell’s efforts are commendable, and serve as good examples of how the private sector can support the human capital requirements under the ETP and Sarawak’s own ambitions under SCORE. 
  • We are also grateful that Shell has put education as one of its key area in social investment.
  • Congratulations to the recipients of the Shell Educational Excellence Awards.
  • Shell … keep up the good job, well done!
  • Terima kasih.